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"Open Voice Live" is a division of LBP Media Group - a sister, if you will, to "French Toast". We offer a variety of services for live events, as well as recorded media.

  • MC - Mistress of Ceremonies
  • Motivational Speaking/Singing
  • Voice Over - long form

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Open Voice Live

Why did we choose this as a name for this division of our company? These three little words encompass what I do and what I hope to create every time I step on stage or have a personal conversation.

Open (adj)

  • free from obstructions
  • frank and communicative; not given to deception or concealment
  • accessible to new ideas; unprejudiced

Voice (noun/verb)

  • the sound produced in a person's larynx and uttered through the mouth, as speech or song
  • in the flesh, personal, in person, not recorded

Live (adj)

  • given in concert, not on a recording
  • express (something) in words
  • electrified, charged, powered, active

Oxford American Dictionaries

It also saves everyone the headache of having to spell my name correctly in order to find me on the web. Thanks, Mignonne

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